Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Listen to Morricone Youth's The Sound of Film Noir [ARCHIVE]

 A private eye. A plainclothes cop. A law-abiding citizen turned to a life of crime. A victim of circumstance. Film noir, an often debated term to describe the stylish Hollywood crime melodramas initially regarded from the early 1940s to late 1950s, is a low key black and white visual style with roots in German Expressionistic cinematography with many of the prototypical stories derived from the hardboiled school of fiction which emerged in the U.S. during the Depression. Film Noir music, on the other hand, is obvious when you hear it. A haunting sax solo. A distant trumpet. A cocktail piano over a Latin beat. Sultry songs in a small, smoky nightclub oozing out into the dark, wet alleyway like neon from a flickering sign.  

Tune into your source for all things soundtrack HERE, Morricone Youth, this Sunday, January 29 from 2-4pm ET, for host Devon E. Levins' curated listen to sound of the Film Noir. Expect the original masters Miklós Rózsa, Franz Waxman, Adolph Deutsch and David Raksin as well as plenty of re-interpretations and contemporary takes on the music from this classic genre.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dances of Vice & Shien Lee Creative Group Present The Diamond Ace II A Salute to Classic Film Noir and Pulp Fiction

Dances of Vice calls all dangerous women, fugitive lovers, dashing desperadoes, lonely detectives and ne’er-do-wells are to the sequel to last year’s crime noir soiree “The Diamond Ace”, a 1960s themed salute to classic film noir at Public Assembly executed in grand pulp ...style.

Sponsored in part by New York crime fiction publisher Hard Case Crime, “The Diamond Ace II” promises a night of mystery, passion, suspense and seduction with live crime jazz and film noir music by Morricone Youth.

New York femme fatales Bettina May, Ruby Valentine and Tansy Tandora weave tales of violence and temptation before your eyes, and DJs Michael Leviton and Devon E. Levins provide a killer soundtrack for your dancing pleasure until the early hours.

Hard Case Crime prizes will be awarded to the most thematic dressed attendees.


Dances of Vice & Shien Lee Creative Group Present
The Diamond Ace II
A Salute to Classic Film Noir and Pulp Fiction

January 28, 2012 - 10PM

Morricone Youth

Bettina May
Ruby Valentine
Tansy Tandora

DJ Michael Leviton
DJ Devon E. Levins

Public Assembly
70 N6th St, Brooklyn NYC
Admission: $15 | 21+


Monday, January 23, 2012

2012 - The End Titles

Please check the 1/22/12 archive HERE for the 2012 -The End Titles installment of Morricone Youth.  All End Titles in honor of this year's impending doom.