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3/27/11: Lucky Ghost (aka Seth Berkowitz) Guests

Lucky Ghost (aka Seth Berkowitz) will be a guest on the show this weekend Sunday, March 27, 2011 (2-4 pm ET), talking about his new LP "Sex Griddle" and spinning some of his favorite soundtrack music.

Seth Berkowitz, the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist behind Lucky Ghost honed his approach as singer and frontman for the bombastic NYC rock outfit Conquistador, followed by the do-it-yourself experimentation of his first solo project, Aaron Hill & The Crimson Guard (where he served as both Mr. Hill as well as the Guard). What emerged was a distinctive voice - synthesizing prog, the sparkling sadness of 80's pop, chugging guitar rock and the slippery craft and lyrical aplomb of British singer-songwriters.

Always in evidence is the quality of songwriting and wide array of influences, realized live on stage with the help of guitarists Jed Livingston (The Couriers) & Mike Quoma (Balthrop, Alabama), drummer Chris Miller (Conquistador) and keyboardist Dave Stone (The Insteps).

"Seth Berkowitz gently prods commonly used genres and musical styles - There`s a brilliantly comical stance with grey and sentimental overtones... Sex Griddle is a Pop-fest, the layered synth hooks and bright bass lines are more than a quick fix to the quintessential three minute Pop song - Defined and danceable, the story unfolds." -Mojophenia

"Basically what we’re getting here is excellent power pop from a genuinely great songwriter. It becomes clear quite soon that he is one of the few contemporary artists that have the rare gift to write songs that are impossible to forget. Lucky Ghost have a pop sensibility not unlike that of the Cars back in the late Seventies and early Eighties, but tweak it just so that it makes sense for the new millennium."

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 20, 2011: Just the Hits

Sundays 2 - 4 PM ET
Thank you for checking out the East Village Radio (EVR) archives. By accessing this streaming audio archive you agree that this audio stream is the sole property of EVR and its licensors. You agree that you will not attempt to rip, distribute or re-stream EVR audio by any means. If you do not agree to these terms, discontinue the use of all EVR audio streams.


 Morricone Youth

Soundtrack music from the first talking picture onwards. If it was written to accompany images on a screen, we'll play it. Popcorn optional. 

Artist              Track               Album              Label

John Barry Human Jungle (Alt. Version) Human Jungle Columbia Mar 20
Ennio Morricone Titoli Slalom Dagored Mar 20
Carlo Montez Go Go Mobil Nymphomania Vol. 1 Sexy Hexy Mar 20
Fabio Frizzi/Franco Bixio/Vince Tempera M34 Sella D'argento Digitmovies Mar 20
Ray Martin I Spy Thunderball and Other Thriller Music RCA Mar 20
Luis Bacalov La Bambolona La Bambolona Verita Note Mar 20
Nino Rota The Awards Toby Dammit Dammit El Records Mar 20
Earle Hagen Main Title The New Interns Colpix Mar 20
Ennio Morricone Gli Intoccabili Gli Intoccabili EM Mar 20
Alfred Waitzmann Fuga dall' Isola La Ragazza dalla Pelle di Corallo Easy Tempo Mar 20
Vladimir Cosma Chewing-Gum Attack Les Aventures De Rabbi Jacob London Mar 20
Johnny Pearson Mini Motoring KPM 1076 - Speed & Excitement KPM Mar 20
Guido and Maurizio De Angelis Sequence 5 Milano Trema: La Polizia Vuole Giustizia Digitmovies Mar 20
Brigitte Bardot/Francois De Roubaix Ecoute Le Temps Saint-Tropez Vole Mar 20
The Flamingos I Only Have Eyes For You Flamingo Serenade End Mar 20
Rita Pavone/Ennio Morricone Il Milo Domani Chet Is Back RCA/Victor Mar 20
Paul Anka Il Tuo Compleanno A Casa Nostra RCA Mar 20
Tokyo Nagaremono Drifter Love Theme-Theme Reprise Tokyo Drifter DVD Mar 20
The San Diego Music Awards No Way In Hell The SDMAs Unreleased Demo Mar 20
John Cameron The Competitors KPM 1131 - The Trendsetters KPM Mar 20
Sammy Hagar Winner Takes It All Over The Top Columbia Mar 20
Danna - DeVotchKa The Winner Is Little Miss Sunshine Lakeshore Mar 20
Carter Burwell Nightmare in the Trophy Room Millers Crossing 20th Century Fox Mar 20
Charles Gerhardt/Alfred Newman Airport (Main Title) Captain From Castile: Class Film Scores of Alfred Newman RCA Mar 20
Guido E Maurizio De Angelis Blue Song Milano Trema: La Polizia Vuole Giustizia Digitmovies Mar 20
Paul Williams The Hell of It Phantom of the Paradise A&M Mar 20
Bruce Hornsby And The Noisemakers Invisible World's Greatest Dad Verve Mar 20
James Murphy People Greenberg DFA Mar 20
Francois De Roubaix La Frite Equatoriale Chut Mantra Mar 20
Akira Ifukube Prayer for Peace Godzilla, King of Monsters Futureland Mar 20
Stelvio Cipriani Un Uomo Programmato Sono Stato Un Agente Cia Beat Mar 20
Piero Umiliani Tarantellaccia Tra Scienza e Fantascienza Omicron Mar 20
Max Avery Lichtenstsein Pumpkin Tarnation DVD Mar 20
Ennio Morricone I Deboli Pagano La Violenza: Quinto Potere Cometa Mar 2

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Second Skin Documentary now out on DVD

Second Skin is a 2008 American documentary film that follows the lives of seven people as they delve in to the world of MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games). The film was directed by Juan Carlos Piñeiro Escoriaza and produced by Victor Piñeiro Escoriaza and Peter Brauer.

Second Skin premiered to positive reviews and sold-out crowds at the South by Southwest film festival in 2008. It become the No. 1 movie on online streaming site, before completing a limited theatrical run. The film was released on DVD August 25th, 2009.

Second Skin examines people whose lives have been transformed by virtual worlds in online games such as World of Warcraft, Everquest, Everquest II and Second Life. The documentary follows a group of online gamers whose lives are intensely woven together inside and outside the virtual worlds, a couple whose lives have changed since meeting online, and an avid player whose life spins out of control due to his addiction to playing MMOs. It also presents disabled players who have been given voice and mobility in the virtual world and explores the controversial world of Chinese gold farming and presents astonishing facts about online gaming.

The film follows three distinct stories involving seven people:

* Heather Cowan, an EverQuest II player that lives in Florida;
* Kevin Keel, an EverQuest II player from Texas that develops an in-game relationship with Heather that moves from an online status to a physical relationship;
* Matt Ellsworth and Chris Mitchell, housemates in Fort Wayne, Indiana who play World of Warcraft and other MMOs for over 40 hours a week;
* Anthony Cronin, a housemate with Matt and Chris whose life changes by getting married;
* Andy Belford, a World of Warcraft player (who moved to Ft. Wayne from California to be closer to Anthony, Matt, and Chris) and his wife Karalee, and the changes in their lives after Karalee becomes pregnant;
* Dan Bustard, a World of Warcraft player whose addiction to the game cost him his relationship, his business, his health and his home. He connects with OLGA (Online Gamers Anonymous) during his attempt to kick the addiction to gaming.

Other players, doctors, and the founder of OLGA appear.

with music by Morricone Youth

TechConnect: Putting the Unity in Community

Apr 10, 2006
Corwin Pavilion, UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA
A student film written and produced at UC Santa Barbara for the Center for Information Technology and Society's 2006 Santa Barbara Forum on Digital Transitions: Social Collaboration and Dynamic Communities.

The film was written by Rob Patton and Nicole Starosielski.
Directed/Edited by Nicole Starosielski.
Produced by Rob Patton.
Production Committee: Kelsey Finkelstein, David Pierucci and Richard Sloven.
Music by Morricone Youth.

5/4/02: Morricone Youth on WBAI Peter Bochan's "All Mixed Up" Radio Show

Morricone Youth Rosemary's Baby-Main Title(Lullaby) CD-R
morricone youth clan of the sicilians
Tango Whiskey Man
Magnum Force
Ballad of Hank McCain
Theme from Medical Center
 all mixedup
May 2002 Playlists

2/27/11: Listen to Morricone Youth's Oscars 2010 Soundtrack Special

Tune into your source for all things soundtrack, Morricone Youth, this Sunday, February 27, from 2-4pm ET, for Morricone Youth's review of scores released in 2010 in honor of the 83rd Academy Awards honoring the year's best films scheduled to take place later that day at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, California at 8pm ET.

Host Devon E. Levins will play a brief rundown of the nominated original scores (the original songs are, as usual, unplayable) before focusing on his obvious pick for the well as some of the overlooked scores from last year.



Brian Carpenter of Beat Circus on Morricone Youth

Tune into your source for all things soundtrack, Morricone Youth, this Saturday from 10 p.m. to midnight ET, when host Devon E. Levins will spend time chatting with singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Brian Carpenter of Boston's Beat Circus and NYC's Ghost Train Orchestra discussing and playing some of Brian's favorite film music as well music from Dreamland, the first of Brian's "Weird American Gothic" trilogy, and Beat Circus's upcoming Boy From Black Mountain which drops on September 29th on Cuneiform Records. Devon is crossing his fingers that Brian arrives with a copy of Beat Circus's version of Sicilian Clan.

Beat Circus will be one of the first bands to unveil the Knitting Factory Brooklyn on Saturday, September 12th.

The archive is available here:

Listen To This Archive GIF

Listen to B-Movie Music Makers, The Vermin, on Morricone Youth

A Las Vegas punk rock fixture, The Vermin, are in town for another yearly round of Frank Wood shows and will be stopping by to hang out, play and discuss some of their favorite punk rock, Las Vegas and B movie soundtracks on this weekend's Morricone Youth (Sundays 2pm ET)

The band, whose punk rock roots date back to the 80's Las Vegas hardcore scene, has provided music and appeared in B movie cult favorites as Ted V. Mikels' Mark of the Astro-Zombies (sequel to Mikels' 1969 Astro-Zombies) and Mack Hail's Switch Killer, the former of which stars legendary actress Tura Satana.  Rob Ruckus, the band's bassist and Double Down Saloon LV graveyard bartender, moonlights in rockabilly hall of fame musician, film producer, composer, actor and wrestling manager Johnny Legend's rockabilly band. With song titles such as Creature Feature Love Attack, Vampira Blues and Livin' in Sin with a Siamese Twin, you get an idea of where they are coming from.

The Vermin will playing Hank's Saloon, Friday, March 2nd with Psychocharger, TV Tramps (Ween members) and Morricone Youth (the band), Otto's Tiki Room on Sunday, March 6th after the show with Flack Blamingo (featuring Billy Ficca of Television) and, of course, hanging out at the Double Down Saloon NYC on Saturday night for its Anniversary Party, home of the Bacon Martini, Ass Juice and the one rule, "You Puke...You Clean!"

Archived (3/6/11):



John Barry, composer of nearly 100 films and 25 television shows including the scores to 11 (arguably 12) of the James Bond films, died last Sunday at the age of 77 at his home in Oyster Bay, New York.  Barry's career span for over 50 years beginning with his own band in 1957, the John Barry Seven, and resulting in Oscars for The Lion in Winter, Born Free, Out of Africa and Dances with Wolves.  Barry will also be remembered for his unforgettable scores to Midnight Cowboy, Game of Death, The I.P.C.R.E.S.S. File and Body Heat.  More recently, Barry's work has been introduced to a new generation sampled by everyone from Wu-Tang Clan, Dr. Dre and GangStarr to Fatboy Slim, The Sneaker Pimps and Robbie Williams.

(Originally posted on EVR blog 2/6/11 4:28 AM ET)

Archived (2/6/11):


January 30, 2011: Don't Knock The Twist

The Twist was the first international dance craze in the early 60's inspired by rock and roll, particularly Hank Ballard's 1959 B-Side "The Twist" (to “Teardrops on Your Letter”) and most famously covered by Chubby Checker in 1962 to become a No. 1 hit.  It was in 1961, at the height of the craze, when patrons of Manhattan's Peppermint Lounge on West 45th Street were twisting the night away to the house band, a local Jersey outfit called Joey Dee and the Starliters, and their song "The Peppermint Twist" inspiring the first of many "Twist" movies with "Hey, Let's Twist."  The film and soundtrack solidified making the Peppermint Lounge a world-famous venue.  The craze continued with Sam Cooke's "Twistin' the Night Away" and The Isley Brothers' "Twist and Shout," also later to be made even more widely-known as a No. 2 hit for the Beatles.  

Drawing fire from critics who felt it was much too provocative for the day's youth, the dance inspired such dances as the Watusi, the Mashed Potato, the Jerk, The Pony and the Funky Chicken before being steamrolled by the British Invasion; however, not before film and television got its hands on it.  Some may have been more recently introduced to the dance in 1994's Pulp Fiction when Uma Thurman and John Travolta twisted to Chuck Berry as part of the Jack Rabbit Slim's Twist Contest (reviving Travolta's career) or in 2007 in an early episode of Season One Mad Men when Peggy Olsen and her Sterling Cooper co-workers celebrated her promotion to copywriter by twisting to Chubby Checker. 
This week on Morricone Youth (Sunday 2-4 pm ET), your host of all things soundtrack Devon E. Levins will be digging a little deeper into the craze exploring how it was portrayed internationally in film and television.  That's right!  It's 50 years later and no doubt that 2011 is the Year That The Twist Broke.  Don't Knock It!

(Originally posted on EVR blog 1/28/11 5:05 PM ET)

Archived (1/30/11):


The Wad is in Town... can't get any sillier!

1/23/11 4:31 AM ET
(Originally posted on EVR blog 1/23/11 4:31 AM ET)

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Oscar Award Winning Composer Elliot Goldenthal Guests on the Show Today!

Tune in this afternoon (Sunday 1/16) from 2-4pm ET for an in depth talk with our first Oscar award winning guest Elliot Goldenthal to discuss his latest score to Julie Taymor's The Tempest and his illustrious 20+ year career (Blank Generation, Drugstore Cowboy, Interview with a Vampire, Batman Forever, HEAT, Public Enemies, Frida)...

1/16/11 11:43 AM ET

(Originally posted on EVR blog 1/16/11 11:43 AM ET)

Archived (1/16/11):


1/2/11: Chris Stillwell TO BE RESCHEDULED

Chris Stillwell is a professional collector and dealer of rare out-of-print vinyl records with a penchant for 50's - 70's soundtrack LP's.  Chris is also the bassist for San Diego's soul jazz outfits The Greyboy Allstars and Karl Denson's Tiny Universe.  Not only did Chris collaborate with his Greyboy cohorts on the score for Jake Kasdan's first feature Zero Effect (Ben Stiller/Bill Pullman), he later Chris delved into television and film work closely associated with composer Michael Andrews and is now credited to Starsky And Hutch, 40 Year Old Virgin, The Dewey Cox Story, Out Cold, Nothing, Stuck On You, Wonderfalls, amongst others.

12/28/10 12:15 PM ET
(Originally posted on EVR blog 12/28/10 12:15 PM ET)

12/12/10: Sinatra Birthday Today... well as the birthday of  Tony Williams, Dionne Warwick, Grover Washington Jr., Connie Francis. 

R.I.P. James Moody

(Originally posted on EVR blog 12/11/10 4:41 PM ET)

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12/5/10: R.I.P. Sleazy aka Peter Christopherson

Today's show is completely dedicated to the film music of Peter Christopherson of Throbbing Gridstle, Coil and Psychic TV.

(Originally posted on EVR blog 4/29/10 12:13 PM ET)

Archived (5/2/10):


Friday, March 11, 2011

11/28/10: Thanksgiving Leftovers

In honor of Thanksgiving finally being over, this week I will be playing film music from recent theme shows (e.g., Ennio's 82nd Bday, Halloween, Spaghetti Western, City Champs Memphis show) which didn't make it into the original shows due to time constraints...You will need a doggie bag for this one!!!

(Originally posted on EVR blog 11/27/10 4:35 PM ET)

Archived (11/28/10):


11/14/10 - 4th Annual Ennio Morricone's Birthday Show

Tune into your source for all things soundtrack, Morricone Youth, this Sunday 11/14 from 2-4 p.m. ET, for Morricone Youth's fourth annual tribute to the namesake of the show, Ennio Morricone.

Considered as one of the most influential film composers of all time, composing close to 600 films and selling over 40 million records worldwide. Il Maestro turned 82 on Wednesday and doesn't appear to be easing up on his workload..Host Devon E. Levins will be dedicating an entire two hours to his music in his honor. 

(Originally posted on EVR blog 11/13/10 1:19 PM ET)

Archived (5/2/10):


November 7th: The City Champs from Memphis!

Tune into your source for all things soundtrack, Morricone Youth, this Sunday afternoon, November 7 from 2 to 4 p.m. ET, when your host Devon E. Levins will be joined by Memphis soul/jazz organ trio The City Champs in support of The Set-Up, the follow up to their acclaimed debut, The Safecracker.  The Set-Up finds the group stretching out into 60’s film score influences, Latin jazz and psychedelia from their established Booker T. and the MGs meets Blue Note/Prestige Records sound.  The City Champs are comprised of three of Memphis’ top musicians: Guitarist Joe Restivo, organist Al Gamble and drummer George Sluppick whose resumes include work with Rufus Thomas, Alex Chilton, JJ Grey and MOFRO, William Bell, Syl Johnson and the Memphis Horns.

Augmenting The City Champs trio sound on The Set-Up is renowned Motown Funk Brother Jack Ashford on tambourine (soundtrack composer to the classic blaxploitation film Blackjack and featured in the award winning documentary Standing in the Shadows of Motown), The Bo-Keys horn men (Marc Franklin, Jim Spake and Kirk Smothers), Latin percussionist Felix Hernandez and Bo-Keys bassist and The Set-Up’s producer, Scott Bomar, who most recently produced Cyndi Laupers’ “Memphis Blues.”  The overall result encapsulates the Champs sound: Think The Meters and Booker T. recording a Seijun Suzuki yakuza score on a session at Rudy Van Gelder’s studio for Blue Note. The Champs even take on RJD2’s track "A Beautiful Mine" (well known as the theme to Mad Men).  The group has had their music prominently featured in the Emmy Award winning documentary I Am a Man: From Memphis a Lesson in Life, the MTV series, $5 Cover and The Poor and The Hungry, the first film of Craig Brewer (Hustle N Flow, Black Snake Moan, Footloose (huh?)).

Catch The City Champs later Sunday night around 10 p.m. at Rose in Williamsburg as part of the Brooklyn Guitar Festival.

(Originally posted on EVR blog 11/5/10 3:35 AM ET)

Archived (11/7/10):


October was Halloween Month

Check the archives for the world's scariest film music!

(Originally posted on EVR blog 11/5/10 3:12 AM ET)

Archived (10/3/10, 10/17/10, 10/24/10 and 10/31/10):


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10/10/10 - J.G. Thirlwell of Foetus Guest Curates!

Please join your hosts Devon E. Levins and Gray Dolores this Sunday, 10/10/10
from 2 - 4 p.m. ET for a very special episode of Morricone Youth featuring guest DJ,
J.G. Thirlwell!

Mr. Thirlwell will spinning a mix of his favorite film soundtracks plus selections of his own compositions, including songs from his brand new Foetus LP, HIDE.

Don't miss it!!!
JG Thirlwell is a composer/producer/performer based in Brooklyn, who also works under many pseudonyms including Foetus, Steroid Maximus, Manorexia, Baby Zizanie, Clint Ruin and Wiseblood. If there is a common thread to his varied musical styles, it is a dramatic intensity and an evocative, cinematic quality. Thirlwell is also featured as producer or remixer on a wide variety of artist recordings, including releases for artists as diverse as Nine Inch Nails, Excepter, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Lydia Lunch,The The, White Zombie, Coil, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arto Lindsay, Z's, and Swans. JG has completed commissions for Kronos Quartet,  Bang On A Can and LEMUR and is also a member of the "freq_out" sound-art collective, who create on-site sound and light installations. JG performs live with a chamber version of his Manorexia project, and also scores "The Venture Brothers", a cartoon on Adult Swim/Cartoon Network. JG has just released a new Foetus studio album entitled HIDE.  For more info please visit:

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9/19 and 9/26: Best Spaghetti Western OSTs

It's time for Morricone Youth's annual Spaghetti Western show.  This time we have two weeks worth of soundtracks since we couldn't boil it all down to just one show! 

 (Originally posted on EVR blog  9/18/10 3:24 PM ET)

Archived (9/19/10 and 9/26/10):


Labor Day Weekend

Finally a show dedicated to the End of Summer, the (Un-)Employed Person and those who have to go Back to School next week...

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Archived (9/5/10):


Thunderstorms in the Forecast

8/22/10 11:39 AM ET
(Originally posted on EVR blog 8/22/10 11:39 AM ET)

Archived (8/22/10):


8/14/10: All Music From Films of 1969 This Week

August 15th is also Joe Castro's Birthday...

(Originally posted on EVR blog 8/13/10 6:39 PM ET)

Archived (8/14/10):


7/25/10: How I Spent My Summer Vacation

(Originally posted on EVR blog 7/24/10 9:07 PM ET)

Archived (7/25/10):



Man, it's a scorcher!!!

(Originally posted on EVR blog 7/18/10 10:50 PM ET)

Archived (7/18/10):


Will Gregory of Goldfrapp on Morricone Youth!

For more than a decade Goldfrapp, Allison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory, has
been one of the U.K.’s most innovative and successful musical groups.
Over the course of their six award winning albums, Goldfrapp has forged
an international reputation for invention - seamlessly combining
elements of film scores, electronics, disco, glam rock and folk into
music of incredible style, wit and sensuality.


Tune in Sunday, July 11 at 2 p.m. for a very special session of Morricone
Youth, during which Mr. Will Gregory will chat with DJ Gray Dolores -
a.k.a. Misty Roses’ chanteuse, Robert Conroy - about Mr. Gregory’s
favorite movie scores and composers, and the impact soundtracks have had
on Goldfrapp’s music.

(Originally posted on EVR blog 7/8/10 9:25 PM ET)

Archived (7/11/10):


Happy Father's Day!

(Originally posted on EVR blog 6/20/10 11:50 AM ET ET)

This week's installment is dedicated to Dads everywhere!

Archived (6/20/10):


June 6, 2010: Africa/Safari Edition

Check the 6/6/10 archives for our OST tribute to South Africa, the host of the 2010 World Cup and the incredible country we just visited last month!

(Originally posted on EVR blog 6/20/10 11:32 AM ET)

Archived (6/6/10):


Little Annie aka Annie Anxiety On Morricone Youth

Tune into your source for all things soundtrack, Morricone Youth, on Saturday from 10 p.m. to midnight ET, when Devon's guest host Gray Dolores (aka Misty Roses vocalist Robert Conroy) welcomes special guests Little Annie and Paul Wallfisch. Little Annie, a downtown fixture since the No Wave era, and Botanica keyboardist Wallfisch recently collaborated on the deliciously warped torch song collection When Good Things Happen To Bad Pianos. On Thursday, May 28, they and Misty Roses will be appearing at Small Beast, a weekly salon at The Delancey (168 Delancey Street [at Clinton], New York, NY) curated by Wallfisch.

Joe McGinty & Ward White on M.Youth

McGinty & White are Loser's Lounge impresario Joe McGinty, and singer/songwriter Ward White
heir debut collaborative album, McGinty & White Sing Selections From The McGinty & White Songbook, has received widespread critical praise, was recently named one of the five best albums of 2009 by New York Press (JR Taylor), and has been included on 2009 'Best Of' lists by Limewire and Lucid Culture.  M&W have been featured on WFMU and East Village Radio, and appear regularly as musical guests for Upright Citizens Brigade. McGinty & White will accompany Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby on a string of Northeast tour dates in June of 2010.

The two will first be spending an hour with our pals Ed and Gaz of Atlantic Tunnel, the amazing show on before ours from noon to 2 pm.  Then Joe and Ward will stick around for the next two hours discussing their new album and spinning some of their favorite film music.  Expect some great stuff!  Loser's Lounge are notorious for presenting amazing tributes to composers which have included Henry Mancini, Serge Gainsbourg and John Barry, amongst others.  
(Originally posted on EVR blog 5/28/10 12:27 PM ET)

Archived (5/2/10):