Thursday, December 6, 2012

Morricone Youth Live Scores The Adventures of Prince Achmed @ Nitehawk 12/7 and 12/8

Lotte Reiniger • 1926 • 65 Mins. • Germany • English & German Subtitles • Digital

This is a LIVE + SOUND + CINEMA event!
MORRICONE YOUTH play live music & soundscape to the film.

The Adventures of Prince Achmed is boldly innovative in its approach to animation and charmingly in its adaptation of the ancient “Arabian Nights” tales. The rarely-seen animated feature was produced and directed by Lotte Reiniger, one of the very few women animators to achieve international recognition. The film brilliantly invents a variety of remarkable characters, frightening creatures, exotic locations and challenging topographies using silhouettes, providing a unique monochromatic experience which, in its bold simplicity, puts today’s complicated digital animation to shame. The story is rich with wildly imaginative scene. The film also serves up a wonderfully old-fashioned sense of exotica with glorious Arabesque architecture and set designs, and even the characters’ costumes. The film’s artwork is fluid and graceful, spiced with humor. "The Adventures of Prince Achmed" is not only the oldest surviving animated movie, it's a beautifully innovative and enchanting masterpiece.

The last live scoring screenings sold out so buy tickets in advance HERE!

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